POLIS committees are opportunities for members to engage with various subfields of public service on G-Body off-weeks. At committee meetings, POLIS members can be found debating current events, peer-reviewing resumes and even running wargaming simulations. All of our committees are student designed and managed, and we welcome all members to propose new committees that they are passionate about at the beginning of the semester.


The election committee provides POLIS fellows with a space to learn more about political campaigns in addition to local, state, and national elections.


Law committee is for POLIS fellows who are considering going to law school or have an interest in the judiciary. In committee meetings, we discuss important court cases, learn from speakers in the law industry (law students, lawyers, pre-law advisors), and work to prepare for law school admissions.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The DEI committee aims to uphold values of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the POLIS community and beyond. Through internal projects like holding DEI office hours or finding funding opportunities for unpaid or low-paid experiences, we hope to make resource accessibility a priority. Additionally, we look to collaborate with other organizations on and off-campus through our external projects to increase awareness for various social issues and promote advocacy.

National Security

The national security committee aims to give members exposure to foreign policy issues and policymaking process. We regularity hold presentations, discussions. We also practice state department style policy memorandum writing and wargames on a hypothetical international crisis.


Since Pi Lambda Sigma’s founding at Cornell in 2016, expanding the organization to other universities and campuses has been one of our most prominent goals. With chapters at University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, and Dartmouth College, we have been able to connect with students nationwide. We are consistently working towards expanding to other universities and connecting even more future leaders in government.